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karma’s a bitch

    So last night me and my friend John were chillin.’ I was trying to get on the Internet so I could show him this funny ass video of this guy beating this other guy up and then shitting on him in public in front of a bar; real classy stuff. So anyway since I don’t have the real Internet in my place I use one of those things they call “wireless.”

    Wireless internet, that’s correct. As I’m checking the local connections, hawk-eyeing the usual NetGear and LSUhome, I come across a connection labeled karmaguard. Feeling it strangely odd, I turn to John and I ask “dude, why do you think this connection is labeled karmaguard?” The usual question ran through our minds; Is it bad karma to steal other people’s Internet? Or to put it in a more rational form, Will we have bad karma for using someone’s Intetnet connection? Is it our fault that they didn’t throw up a WEP key? What the fuck am I even talking about?

    So now we’re in some serious shit. Here we are browsing the net with someone else’s internet connection because they didn’t throw up a WEP key. Problem is, this connection was labeled karmaguard, and now we are facing some sort of Voodoo hex or some shit. I swear, I couldn’t take a shit for 3 days. The bad karma had finally caught up to us. Before I knew it we were in Vegas riding in a 60,000 Lexus and playing Craps. I’ll admit that last part was complete bullshit but the rest of this story is true.


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